Friday, April 18, 2014

elder perry is coming

When I got on emails this morning, I opened our mission presidents weekly letter and this is one of the first things it said, 
"Last Monday I got a call from Elder L. Tom Perry, advising me that he and Sister Perry would like 
to visit our mission Monday afternoon, April 21. Needless to say, I accepted the offer. So, we 
will be having an All-Mission Conference Monday afternoon, April 21, at the Morristown 
 "As most of you know, Elder Perry is second in line to become the next 
President of the Church, after President Boyd Packer. His health appears to be very good…he’s 
92 years old. I am so excited for him to meet our missionaries and to feel the power of all of us 
SO needless to say, we are really excited! Also just a little update.. in the mission right now we have a standard that every companionship should be contacting at least 10 people a day.. This obviously have brought so many miracles. As of numbers 8,749 contacts for the week and Our total since March 1st is 39,823. It's incredible that as we set our own standard and goals... the blessing come and come, they do!! 
This week we found two people that are so special!! They both, I believe, have come as a direct blessing of following and pushing the mission standards.
1. Jaime. (Hi-May) Jaime is incredible and I seriously love this boy so much already. We found him when we were visiting a potential investigator and he wanted nothing to do with us so we asked him where the latinos lived around the area. His next door neighbor. We found Jaime!! He is 24 and from Chile. Just moved here 5 months ago and reminds me so much of Diego!! He is getting baptized on the 11 of May and came to church this week!! 

2. Eva also came to church and is ALSO getting baptized on the 11 of May!! She is the cutest 14 year old girl from Guatemala and she already has made best friends with a cool 12 year old girl at church. She's not a member either but her dad was just baptized two weeks ago!! 

Well short letter this week but I love you all so much and will organize my time better next week to write you a longer one :)

Onward and Upward 

Hermana Schwenidman 

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