Monday, October 31, 2011


 Halloween is an excuse for others to dress up to be something their not... 
well I use it as an excuse to show my real self! 

Halloween is not a holiday that the Thai people celebrate... but we sure do!! Today was such a fun day for the kids, parents, thai teachers,  but I think we had more fun than anyone. The kids showed up with their costumes and have to say..  and they were all so adorable.

Today we had a haunted house for them to go through, bobbed for apples, had a cake walk, made doughnuts and painted pumpkins. I do have to say though, when I was walking through the market to find pumpkins... I was a little let down because the pumpkins were well... not quite the same.

So we painted them orange!!

And what would halloween be without trick-or-treating? The parents came (quite a few dressed up as well!!) at the end of the day with treats and toys so the kids walked around the school and got to experience a little bit of America! 

Pordee loving his trick-or-treating bag.  Some things never change :)

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