Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aristotle (week 12)

"The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

When I think about what I want to say to summarize, well just about anything about my time in Thailand, I have a hard time formulating words. The things I have been able to experience and have been faced with so far have challenged, built, and strengthened me. At the beginning of this trip I would have simply stated it like this;

Five girls. Simply strangers. Placed in a small town in a foreign country. Distant from nearly anything that resembles familiarity. A task to teach a foreign language to children, something none of them have done before. Given food that commonly allows questioning. In a place where communication to anyone local conflicts with a huge language barrier. And all this, the things that had started out so foreign, have become my life. 

Some of the things outside of teaching that we have been doing:

Beginning of our 9 day trip to Bangkok and Pattaya!

Transportation to the beach on the island of Kho Larn.

Our main mode of transportaion in Phichit... 

And when we aren't riding our bikes... we take two seated tuk-tuks. I got to ride on the back of the drivers seat, headed to the Phichit soccer game. 

The girls after the soccer game

Look familiar? We made the news!

The rains come down and the floods come up and we accept the challenge!

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