Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome to Auschwitz‏

Well Hello family! 
Okay its not as bad as Auschwitz.. So you'll never guess who the person in our room is who hears the alarm first and gets up, turns it off, and wakes up all of the other roommates. Yup me! Miracles do happen!! So first thing is first, My companions name is Sister Throckmorton from south jordan. yes it is a real name!! She's cute, a innocent little 19 year old. Super nice girl. We get along really well! And the other two girls in our room who are also in our zone are sister steel and sister anderson. They are both 21 as well. We have a lot of fun but are all really obedient. Its snowing today... not exactly happy about that because its so freaking cold that my eyes water whenever I go outside. spanish is coming along great. So the day we got here we dropped off our bags at our rooms and went straight to class. That was a little overwhelming and yesterday we had our first day of two, three hour spanish classes. I think i've already spent more time in spanish class then I did working on my whole class this semester. But its coming back. Last night we taught our first investigator in spanish and that was really neat, although he is a volunteer and its not exactly realistic, it was really fun and the spirit was really strong! Sister T and I are about on the same level of spanish, which we've been asked a couple times why we are in the beginning class but it makes it easier to learn because it seems like the things that I don' t know, she does and vice versa. Last night the four girls in our room prayed in spanish without any notes. look at us go! Best part of the day is gym time. So nice to work out. I ran on thursday and then played volleyball yesterday. Probably going to run again today because my ankle is feeling pretty good. So I lost my companion the first day for like an hour. Lunch is hectic and I had to go out of the special needs room, thats what I like to call it because its for all of the people that have a food allergy. But then she was nowhere to be found any time after that. But lo and behold, I did find her and all is well! Im trying to think about what else to write about... Oh thank you so much for the letters mom and dad! 
Look who I found... Jaron!!
Elder Zach Bishop... my bud from Colorado
Our very feminine joseph smith picture in our building...
first day with our girls!
Sad snowy day
All's great here. Oh I was going to say, the best thing that you can do is write me on dear elder because I will be able to get my letter on the same day as your send it, and getting letters are AWESOME!! we finally got ours last night. Grandma and Aubrees mom wrote me on dear elder! Loved it! but then I don't spend my time reading the letter and I can spend my time (the little time that we have) and email instead of read. 

The most annoying thing so far is having to wear garments with gym clothes, and not being able to leave the shower unless you are dressed. I hate getting dressed in the shower. Its gross. Lots and lots of rules but I actually don't mind any of them at all because its so obvious the reason behind all of them. And by the way, my companion had the worst gas. not me. my companion. Its rancid but she's so quiet and innocent that she doesn't say anything and just lets it pass. Its even worse than mine. The food does not sit well with her. I can't exactly think of what else to write about so do what I suggested if you want to know more. Send me a questionaire and I will fill in the blanks! Oh my preparation day is on Fridays. So next friday I will be able to email more. 

Love you. 

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