Friday, March 29, 2013

Feliz Easter family

Well the first week is down and the days are starting to fly by. Thank you so much for the letters and the things you sent me! It was almost all of the contact I had with the outside world for the first week!  Today is my P-day (friday) and I can't believe that is already this far in the week. Those first few days do not move... at all. They feel more like weeks than days. But its been a good experience so far. The first night here I ran into Nate Monson and Dallin Frandsen!  Wednesday Madi Bernson and Kayla Orr got here so I get to see them wandering around here lost and confused. The news ones are easy to spot... they have that look in their face like "oh shoot, im going to be late and I have no idea where I'm going!"
So I am the sleep talker in my room. Go figure. but its changed a little bit now, I have now started to sleep talk in spanish. Oh by the way, the best way to email me now is to send them through DearElder because I get them the same day if you send it before noon and then I have a hard copy to go off of instead of my memory because the computers don't let you save drafts here.. so try that!! I would love it! 
Some of the best things during class are when we get to watch video clips! Once they say that its like they say they brought candy to share with the class. One of my tricks to remembering the word "to bless" is to remember Dallin saying, bendice la comida. I never forget it! Sorry my letter is going to be all over the place. Lots has happened and no real way of organizing it! My companion is a  sweetheart though. Super nice, sweet, young girl from south jordan. Hermana Throckmorton, no I didn't make that up, and she is going to New Jersey as well! There are also two more Elders in our district going to NJ.  Elder Wood and Elder Woods... yea we weren't blessed with great companionship names! The food here is pretty good. They cater really well to people with allergies. I even get my own room to eat from! Its for the special people, like me! But they are very repetitive with the food, taco salads ALL THE TIME! but I can't complain... Ive been sleeping alright. I slept through the whole session at the temple this morning, I think I might have been a little tired. All else is good but I am out of time! I will write a letter home if I think of more to talk about. I usually do...

Love you all so much!!

ps, I need a couple things,
1. my letter from aubree if you find it
2. My retainer if you  find that as well.
3. my immunization record... 
4. there was more but I forget everything! 


Oh we get to have a general authority come speak to us for Easter Sunday and i'll be singing in the choir that day! GO ME!

Elder Jaren Dixon
My companion Sister Throckmorton (So. Jordan)
My comp and new friends
Me and Kayla Orr (friend from high school)

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