Monday, July 29, 2013

milagros (miracles)

I think the Lord saves up a few good miracles for missionaries that get double in. Sister Millward and I had miracle after miracle when we first were doubled in to Morristwon. Transfers came and we were split up. Sister Jane (jon... its french, but she mexican, and looks white) and I are now together and we were doubled in to Union City, walking. We don't even own a car...  When they announced it at transfer conference all of the other missionaries were going crazy! I didn't realize why until we got up here. This ward (yes it a full fledge ward!!) has been waiting for sister missionaries since 1995! So immediately we felt so much love. Although some of the members are mad that we aren't in their area. We only cover about ten blocks. 5 taken from two of the companionships of elders on both sides of us. We are now the fourth set of missionaries in the ward. Well I love being doubled in! We both talked in church yesterday, which we found out last night, is a huge priveledge. The new elders coming in never get asked to speak. The biship even talked to President on sunday and told him how impressed he was at the work that we have done in five days. WOW!! Super grateful! And my comp!! She is awesome. Born in Mexico and when she was 7 moved to Houston, Texas. Always has wanted to serve a mission and when the age change was announced, she jumped at the chance! I love working with her.
So we got in to our new area tuesday night, and started from scratch. We conbined two area books, and two planners (both made from elders..... we know how those are...) to make our new little area! We went to visit a less active member and her daughter was home watching the kids. She had a friend over though, Angel. 19 year old boy from Ecuador. The lesson started with her and then he came and it we were able to teach him. He prayed for us on the first visit and then we made an appointment with him for sunday night and he said he was wanted to come to church! Well he wasn't at church, but he was there for the appointment. He felt SO bad that he couldn't come to church he had to go down to Newark for the morning, but the lesson was incredible!! Angel is awesome! He answered all of our questions for him before we could even ask them. He told us, "I need to pray and ask so I can know for myself!!" Psh.. yes you do! The whole lesson was like that. We had another lesson last night that was a hand off from the elders. Thats the interesting thing about working in areas with the elders, sometimes they give us their investigators of single mothers. In this case the husband was getting really jealous that these elders kept coming over and were visiting with his wife! So we took it. We started our visit and the husband wanted to excuse himself from the lesson, he just wasn't interested and said he wasn't going to go to church ever. Well anyway we snatched him. He stayed for the lesson and the tables turned quickly. It ended up being a lesson with him and us and it was super powerful. He completely opened up to us and shared a lot of really big concerns. The spirit was insane and there were a few moments where he was brought to tears. I will never forget the look on his face when we told him that he was a good dad. That we could tell that he works hard and that they are good parents. They are raising a good boy! His shoulders just dropped and this smile of relief came on his face. At the end of the lesson he told us that he was considering coming to church and he really wants to make sure that he is there for the next lesson. I am so excited to see what happens with this family.
I love being in a walking area. We get to interact and talk to SO many people!! Complete opposite of my last area! We had a man walk up to us this week and said "Yous twos are turnin everyones heads ova here! Theres jus somethin different about you's twos.. somethin different" Well I believe that's the light of Christ! Love this work, love this area, love my comp!! Onward and Upward!
Hermana Schwendiman

One of the member families in our Ward we laughing their heads off when our glasses were like this!
Our brand new super nice apartment. And my comp. Everyone asks us if we are sisters.
Lucky me right? She loves papcarn!! 

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