Monday, August 12, 2013

u.c. working good

I've tried to mark my progress as a missionary and as a person.. and all I remember is that when I left for my mission I was determined not to be "weird."  I wanted to know how much I have learned, and grown, and changed, but I think that is the interesting thing, How do you measure that? I imagine it being more of leaps and bounds of difference, being able to realize when you had miraculously attributed a talent or a skill or personality trait. The truth is that it is only little by little, step by step, do we make those changes. I may not be able to see my own life changing but one thing I am able to see is other people changing. Veronica is getting baptized this sunday. I remember the first time we met with her and her husband. He was SO blunt and told us that this was never going to be for him and that he will never go to church. As Veronica has been progressing, he may not realize it, but he is progressing too. Little by little. He told us this week that one of these days he is going to surprise us and come to church. That is huge! He is worried that his wife is going to continue to become a better person and she is going to see that he isn't. I loved hearing that because that means he knows there is room for him to improve. Yes he may be scared that she is going to think of him differently but that might be exactly what he needs! 
God has his plan. He knows what people need. We have another investigator that we picked up this week. She has been investigating even longer than Veronica, and her name is Monica. Her SUPER less active son has been coming to church and last week when we went to go meet with him, she wanted to sit in on the lesson. She actually told us she liked us and that she could really feel the spirit when the missionaries are there.. she just doesn't feel it at church. And she LOVES when the pastor walks by and she gets to touch his hand and she feels super special... well.. luckily we have another appointment already set with her and she told us she will come to church this week!! Maybe her and Veronica will become the best of friends! You never know.. I hope that she gets to see Veronica's baptism and that we can get her in the water!! She needs it! 
I do love being a walking missionary.. Especially in this city! There are people everywhere and there is never a dull moment! I love this area and love my comp. We did have a little bit of a sad week though. We had funeral yesterday and the burial today. Man fell off of his ladder and broke his head open, was in a coma and they ended up pulling the plug because he was brain dead. Life is SO precious!
Well it's just a short one this week but I am happy and healthy and working hard!! Onward and upward! 

Hermana Schwendiman

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