Monday, August 26, 2013

hello hello

Well hello hello! Or in the words of the Jewish family that lives down the street... "Shalome!" Ha ha One of the things I love about being in a walking area is that we have our "regulars." Giovanni, who cuts hair on the corner and enthusiastically waves at us every time we walk by. Pedro, super old man who is ALWAYS sitting on the same bench on the same street every day. Santo, food stand man who gives us free food and calls us his kids! The sugar peanuts cart guy who still won't listen to us but secretly loves us! It's so different than being in a car all the time! 
Veronica was confirmed this Sunday. She is so incredible!! I have been SO lucky to be the one that the Lord has chosen to watch the lives of these people change! Nina and Veronica. They were both SO ready. In fact Veronica told us on Sunday that she is going to go on the temple trip with the Relief Society this Saturday! Well she can't go because she doesn't have a membership number yet, but hey, that part was easy! She just has such a desire to be better. To grow! 
We are in finding mode... because all of our investigators have been filtered out.Which means contacting. Which means all of the fun people on the streets... we get to talk to even more!! There was this one man yesterday as we walked by he yelled out "Messangers? Are you messangers?" We had such an awesome talk with him and also have an appointment with him. We have been really lucky and have been able to find a few potentials that really genuinely seem interested. Hope we can get the ball rollin on em!   We are teaching three main investigators right now.. 1. Jairo: Comes to church every week but he doesn't have time to meet with us. We taught him prayer yesterday after church and we loved it because all of the members treated him like a rock star when he walked in. That means a lot to a man in his mid twenties with no family. BUT HE WONT PRAY!! The last lesson we taught him he refused to pray. So naturally we taught pray. And luckily I turned out to be a little stubborn and wouldn't take no for an answer.. it took a lot of digging but he finally prayed! Even though it wasn't out loud, he prayed (so we think). We have Raul. Who just told us this week that he will keep meeting with us if we continue to sing like angels.. well needless to say we are handing him off to the elders.. it's unfortunate but sometimes motives aren't where they should be. and 3. Mari! She wants to be baptized so bad but won't do anything unless her husband is right by her side doing it with her. So we will be trying to see her as much as possible and try and snag her husband. Hmm... BUT her mom is taking the lessons!!! She lives in the Elders area and came to church the past two weeks!! YES!! 
But all is great in the New Jersey Morristown Mission! We are all happy and healthy! We have a fun week to look forward to. Last week of the transfer and we are going to make it count! Love you all! Onward and Upward! 
Hermana Schwendiman

PS one of the members that we work with a ton in this area just got her mission call... SALT LAKE CITY EAST!! ha ha ha She's is awesome and will be there around Christmas time! Hermana Quiles! 

The view we see everyday
Some members of our ward
Veronicas baptism

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