Monday, August 1, 2011

Benjamin Disraeli (Day 8)

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own."

Today, felt like the reason I came to India. I did medical and it was completely fulfilling. We drove out to one of the leprosy colonies and we got there early so we just walked around for a few minutes. About three weeks ago twins were born in this colony and we got to go see them. One boy, one girl, and they were beautiful. It still blows my mind how something so small and tender can be so powerful. It was fun to be able to hold the little girl. After that we went to the building where we had planned to do the medical work. This is how it worked: Blood pressure and blood sugar testing, go grab your charts from the doctor, bandage removal, feet washing, oil, ulcer care, re bandage. If you can't tell in the picture, the place we were at was not clean at all, but these people were just so happy to be there and to have us helping them. I was on the ulcer care with the nurse and then I did the re bandaging of their ulcers after they had been treated. My highlight of the day is when one guy was so thrilled about how well I had wrapped his foot. He was so happy and was telling the nurse that I did such a good job and he had the biggest smile on his face. When she translated to me what he was saying it made me so happy that I could help, even in the smallest way! It was hard at first to see this nurse cutting off parts of these people. I had to keep telling myself that it was dead skin, and they couldn't feel these quarter-sized pieces of skin being torn off with dull scissors. It just made me grateful for one more thing, that we have great medical care, no matter where we go. These people are so grateful for the things in life that mean the most. Not the things that we usually get caught up with. 

I heard a story today about a guy in this colony who had been blind for about 22 years. The doctor that was previously working with this organization had arranged, with a great deal of trouble and convincing, for this guy to get eye surgery. Can you imagine what it would be like to be given that many hard things to deal with in life. To not only have Leprosy and have to deal with everything that comes with that disease but to be blind on top of it. He was not with us today but he still praises the Lord constantly for what he has been blessed with. I think we often forget how many beautiful things we actually have, and today I got to learn that I am not nearly grateful enough for what I have. I think that is the beautiful thing about being here, its changes me. 

Over this weekend we went into the city and went shopping and to a really nice resort and spent the afternoon at the beach and at the pool. It was fun to be able to take a day and see even more beautiful things that India has. Its endless. Sunday the majority of the group drove back into Chennai and attended church there. It was a two hour drive, three hour meeting, and two hours back. Although the power did go out a few times, nothing stopped. It was entertaining to watch nobody react to the power going out. It happens all the time here, sometimes for a second or two and sometimes for days (that hasn't happened to us fortunately, although our internet did go out for two days. This is India. That is the phrase we use here for things that are not ordinary and for circumstances that do not go according to plan, which is just about everything! 

Tonight at family night was great. It gets better and better every night. I know we aren't supposed to pick favorites but I have a boy that I have grown so attached to. His name is Rutish-Kumar Ragul. He and I nearly cry laughing every night and he clings to me. Always teaching me songs and hand games in Tamil and if i'm sitting on the ground he is on my lap of hugging my neck. All the other boys are getting more comfortable with me as well and the time flies by now. These boys are becoming my family.

     A little taste (this is after all the chaos) of what its like when some of the kids go to bed!

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  1. Just read the last few entries. It sounds like you are having an amazing time!! I would love to do something like this. You're awesome, girl!