Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Leaving India was hard, but knowing that I still had so much ahead of me made it, a distraction. The traveling was interesting, it was the first time that I had been completely alone and traveling by myself. Which would make some people nervous to hear, rightfully so. The driver from India dropped me off at the international departure and was on his way and I was on mine. It was fine until Jakarta and nothing bad happened... it was just that everything that could go wrong, did! It was the place in the world where I did not know the language and they did not know mine. Communication was.. charades and simple words. After the visa complications there was the money.. I had forgotten to look up the exchange rate.. and I needed money to pay for my visa-on-arrival... After talking to, who I think, were the only people in the airport that spoke english.. I still basically took a gander at the money rate. Picked the third smallest amount on the ATM and went all the way back through security, got my passport back and finally got my visa. That, and when I accidentally fell asleep and though I missed my flight, where just some of the complications in that airport. I did, eventually, get to Indonesia!!
Indonesia was absolutely incredible. Paradise. My time there included some fun things like this;
Swimming, Golfing (with a caddy for the first time), Eating (some of the best Asian, and American food), Shopping, Orangutans, and just everything I could have ever wanted to do there. I did get a massage and it was great. She came to the house even, and it was super cheap along with everything else there.   
I stayed with my cousin and her family. Her husband works for Chevron and is stationed there. The compound is its own little community cut off from the world and the only thing it doesn't have is food. The compound itself is beautiful and has people there from all around the world. I had the most amazing time with my cousins family. They have five kids and I had so much fun with them. Its was great to be with family and even better that my aunt and uncle were also there visiting. A good dose of family before four more months without it. I was only there for five days and wish I could have stayed longer. But it was off to Thailand, and yea, I did almost miss my flight in Jakarta. I don't ever think I will feel the same about that airport ever again! Next stop, Thailand.  
The house

Our view from the backyard

My caddy.. detour or path? I don't know


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