Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi (Day 12)

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and the souls of its people."

So after not sleeping last night and heading to the airport at 3 in morning. In the bus we took to the airport they have ten seats, not including the drivers and two benches in the back facing each other. About an hour into the drive while I was passed our sleeping on one of the benches, I was flung out of my seat! The car in front of us slammed on their breaks resulting in our driver doing the same. Our tires were skidding and I swear we were going to die.. It was so scary but I was right back to sleep after that. At the airport we were about to go through security and the officer (every military guy here casually has a gun hanging off of their shoulders, not a big deal) had us go up this escalator. There wasn’t anywhere to go at the top, we were all so confused but he came up and opened a secret door. There wasn’t anyone in there but our group of travelers but it was a completely separate security check. It was weird, but things get to a point where you learn not to ask questions. Its better that way. Our flight wasn’t super packed so I found a whole row and had it to myself. I ended up laying down and slept until the flight attendant woke me up when we were landing. Our flight was only a couple hours long and when we got into Delhi it really warm. 33 degrees celsius... and a lot of humidity. We spent the rest of the day, doing more traveling. I cannot begin to describe the way people stare. Its hilarious most of the time. We stand out a little bit with our pale skin.

What its like in the streets of India

 By the time we got into Old Delhi it was pouring rain and the thing we had planned was to ride the rickshaws. The little bikes that carry a two man seat behind it. Me and a girl Amy got in one and we had the funniest person taking us around Old Delhi. He yelled at everyone, “Chello,” which means move and he also was a crazy driver. We hit a couple people throughout the hour of this, AND I happened to donate a shoe to India. It was near the end half of the ride and my flip flop fell off into the street, so I went to rest of the time with one shoe. During our ride we stopped at a spice market, went through a wedding and food market, and got a tour of a beautiful historic temple. We went to the roof of one of the buildings and got to see from up there what Old Delhi was like. It was an adventure and I felt like I was in a parade with everyone staring at us, yelling to us, and waving. The streets are chaotic but it was really fun. After our little tour we went and ate lunch at a really nice restaurant and then got on our bus, that is labeled “tourist” on the top half of our windshield, and started driving. I don’t know long I have been on this bus but its supposed to be a 6-8 hour drive to our hotel near the Taj Mahal. I slept the first half, then i’ve decided to be productive and get something done! I am very excited to get to our hotel and actually sleep in a real bed. Its been a long day, full of sights and travels and tomorrow is going to be even better!

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