Wednesday, May 1, 2013

day 2

Well hello fam!
I know I just wrote you but luckily our schedule got flipped around a little bit and my companion still needs to write letters to President Jeppson and home so I get to as well! Well the good news it that I am in Morristown.. that is good news because it's the only city I know the name of! SO I have been assigned to Morristown but they have just split the area and we are basically starting out fresh. Let me back up a second to yesterday. First morning in the mission and almost all of the Elders and Sisters coming in were able to fit in the mission home. That is 31 missionaries that they had to house and feed. Eight of them are waiting on visa's to go to Brazil or Peru but it was a full house! I don't think many people got good sleep that night or sleep at all, there were eight people in our room and everyone looked as if they had been up for days. I even scared myself when I looked in the mirror. Anyway after all of our orientation meeting we were finally all standing in the auditorium. Standing red rover style. And then they would call out a trainer and then new missionary. They called out Sister Millward and I turned to the sister next to me and said, thats my companion. Sure enough. My trainer is Sister Millward from idaho. She is awesome!! She is so aweseome in fact, that they have her training after only being in the mission for ten weeks! She was also my street mom. what that means is that right after they pick us up from the airport they drop us off at a street corner in Newark and we all grab a missionary who was already here. We started by singing a song, "called to serve" and the minute you all sing "Onward" All of the missionaries bolted every which way! EVERY! So half of us, the newbies, are standing there looking at each other in panic, until someone yelled "get your companion." So 60 some odd missionaries literally sprinting down the streets of Newark and  our purpose was contacting. Still running and talking to people on the street, I talked to two people before I met Silva and her son Zion. And ended up talking with them for quite a while and cool enough she wanted to look up the missionaries. So we gave her a card because somehow we ended up without a pen to get her information. First lesson, always have a pen! So back to today. We actually had zone conference this morning. Really great and really spiritual. But guess who got called on first to teach in front of everyone.. Me and Sister Milward! Awesome! Bring on the pressure, but then we split into groups and did some more role playing. It feels so bizarre to be a missionary. Before I had left I had assumed in my head what it was going to be and feel like to be a missionary and now that I am here, it almost throws me off a little bit that I am still me. I didn't magically transform into a missionary. Quite odd.. but anyway we got to meet with the branch missoin leader and his wife last night but since it's new we didn't have any appointments set up. Oh man, you should see our apartment. Its a two bedroom apartment, but there are two companionships in there that each need a study room. In result of that we have four beds in the living room! And our area is incredibly beautiful. We live in a forrest. I felt like snow white calling all of the animals this morning when we went on a run. Bunnies and birds and geese everywhere with the tallest green trees down every street. So I am super lucky. Aparently all of New Jersey isn't this green but here, it is!! Well love you all very  much!
Hna. Schwendiman

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