Tuesday, May 28, 2013

nina's baptism

The baptism was amazing!! NIna's baptism was such an incredible experience. They day started off with a panicked start.. chaotic to say the least. But everything about the baptisimal service was perfect. Steven had come to church, which was a miracle. He is super shy and doesn't open up, but I found out how to do it. Just a little conversation that led into video games. I resorted back to my more tomboyish stages of life and we had a really good conversation about halo. Who would have guessed.. so this is going to be interesting because Nina called us last night and we are going to start teaching him this week!! It was his first time at church, AND he saw his mom get baptized so it was a little bit of an overload for him.. but the fact that he is going to let us teach him is a huge miracle. The actual baptism went really well. I gave my first baptisimal talk, with only a little bit of pressure that our mission president, stake president, branch president, AP's, DL's, and the whole branch was there. Piece of cake.. The actually baptism was amazing. They were in the font and Elder Christensen, our DL, started the baptisim and Nina just started to cry. It was a really special moment to me becuase she looked so happy. She was aware of what she was doing, and she could feel the importance of it. After the baptism, I was the first person that she walked up the stairs to. If you have ever been in this position you can understand what I mean when you get to be there immediately after. She just burried her face in her towel and cried. No words can describe people directly after they are baptized. I have had that happen one time before just right before my mission. My friend Nicole was baptized in Feburary and I got to be there to help her after she was baptized. The overwhelming happiness and relief they feel. Its incredible. You almost want to just hold them and hope that their complete perfection will somehow rub off on you. Not exactly how it works.. We had a really cool experience with Nina earlier this week, we were teaching her about the sabbath day and it was something that she was really having a hard time with. I had the thought come to my head that we should pray. So I suggested the we kneel down, in the middle of our lesson, and say a prayer. She was a little confused and didn't quite understand the concept of recieving and answer. But she trusted us and we all knelt down and she said the most sincere, heartfelt prayer I have every heard. It really taught me how to talk to my Father in heaven. And how I can talk to him about anything. I have never felt the spirit like that in a prayer. The member we had with us was bawling and I was just in astonishment. After she ended her prayer she just sat back and tears filled her eyes and she grabber her heart. She said she had this burning feeling and just felt so at peace. I can do it, were the words that came out of her mouth. He will help me... MAN!! How cool is that?? I wish I had more time to write but we have another lesson with Nina. About family history. The announcement was made this week that if we got a newly baptized member to the temple within 6 weeks of their baptism with one of their own family names that we could go with them! Talk about motivation! New York, here we come!! Sorry no pictures this week.. I'll make sure I get them next week! Caio!

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