Monday, May 20, 2013

watermelon carving

Once again, another incredible week! It sounds like it has been at home too! It started off with watermelon carving. We, being the creative two that we are, decided to carve President Jeppson... and it went somewhat like halloween carving. My ideas overbear my talents! Somehow though, it kind of does look like him.. if you squint and look real close.

 I find that the learning curve never get reached on a mission. Which is really good because it keeps it really entertaining. For example, this week we did a little bit more tracting and we were knocking on a few doors and ran into a couple interesting people. One man, said that he saw Jesus as something kind of like a cartoon character, like tigger or goofy. That one stumped me.. and then just a couple houses down we got the priveledge of having someone threaten us to call the cops! That was a first. Oh missionary work.. sometimes that's just what it is. But other times, people are placed in our path that are more than ready for the gospel. Being able to find the people that have been prepared is the tricky part, but is also the most rewarding. Last week the english sisters refered us to a lady named Nina, from Puerto Rico. So we called her on saturday and invited her to church. AND...She came! and brought her five year old son Diego. She loved it! So we met with her the next day, last monday, and taught her an incredible lesson. She talked about how great she felt at church and how comfortable she was and that she wanted more. The greatest thing is to watch someone come to church and to watch the members take her under their wing. I can imagin it would be like watching your child go to school for the firsr time and watching the other kids befriend them. So, Nina asked us for more.  And more we gave her! Wednesday we met with her again, and then Friday. Well.. long story short, Nina is getting baptized this sunday the 26th!! She is our little miracle. We have had a couple experiences with her that are going to effect the rest of my mission and the rest of my life. For instance, last night all of a sudden ALL of our plans fell through. So we took a second to figure out what we were going to do next and the phone rang. Nina. She was having such a hard night and just in a panick. Well, it just so happened that we were free (I wonder who made that one possible ha ha) so we hurried over there. I got to share with Nina something that my mom told me before my mission that i'm pretty sure she doesn't remember but has changed my life. I had been struggling with actually coming on the mission and there were a lot of idea and plans that I had  that would make it awfully easy to stay home and I remember my mom telling me that she could not believe how hard Satan was working on me because he knew the effect I was going to have on a mission. That Satan will work his hardest when he sees the potential we have to ruin his plan. It was the same for Nina. He knows the effect that this is going to have on Nina and her two boys. The role model she is going to be to them and the changes that she is going to experience in her life. After sharing this with Nina she started to get really emotional and grabbed the bible that we had given her the lesson before. She turned to Matthew 20:18  "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." She turned to us and said I KNOW this is true. I know that He is here right now and that I am not alone. That moment right there, made any difficulty I had getting on the mission, or any challenge I have faced on the mission, all worth it. She has changed my life and I know she is going to be amazing. Her older son, Stevenson, had promised her that he is going to come to church next week!
It's interesting to see the work being done from a missionaries point of view. To realize what matters most in our lives the backwards way. By seeing what we have, that others don't. Well what I do know is that the only way to go is onward and upward. And that the church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus was a Mormon! ,

Hermana Schwendiman

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