Friday, April 12, 2013

Halfway done!

Halfway done! I don't know if I should be excited or sad because for one, I love it here! Oddly enough, I do! A rather big part of me really doesn't want to leave this lovely square block of home. Life here is super simple and everyone is happy. For those that aren't happy or are having a hard time, where better than a around a large group of book of mormon sharing, smilling, anxiously spreading their cheer? This is the hap-hap-hapiest group of kids I've ever been around. By kids I obviously mean Elders and Sisters. That would be the proper way to say that. We aren't supposed to use "you guys" "boys" "girls" or anything that doesn't resemble a family member. That one is a hard one for me, but its getting better! Same with putting my missionary tag on.. yesterday I accidentally went through almost the whole day without it, the first half of the day I didn't even realize that I wan't wearing it because of the curse of long hair. My hair always covers up my name tag but working on that as well. AND THE SHOWERS! There is a trick, once you turn on the shower you turn it to the normal temp. but it takes forever to warm up so you, instinctively turn it hotter to get warmer faster which makes no logical sense, then once its finally warm enough you can get it, but what the shower doesn't tell you is that in about five minutes its going to jump to the temp. that it's at and scald you. Happens every time! Those tricky showers...  Our little district is more like our little family. About ten hours in one classroom with the same ten people will either drive you all together or pull you apart. Luckily, in our case, we have all become very good friends, more like brothers and sisters. All of our Elders are great! They are all 18 and 19, so young! And many times they are very much 18 and 19.. for example this week we had a duo restling match in our classroom. Blood was drawn. It ended. But more often than not they will suprise the sisters by doing something so amaznig. Its just like having six more brothers. Our teachers are amazing as well. They couldn't be more different but it seems like someone learns best from a different teacher. Total we have had 15 teachers which is not normal.. We have two teachers. One was our investigator for the first week and a half and the other was sick and then went to Texas so we have had a grip of teachers which is entertaining because they all love to tell their mission stories and get to know is. We have had our regular teachers this week with a few add-ins but there is a huge difference with having a lesson schedule and a little direction. Our teachers have had a lot of patience with us but one problem with becoming so close is that there is a lot of fun and jokes to be had. So... Last night, to help, we got new seating assignments.. Elders, Sisters, Elders, Sisters, Elders. Yup. But a little word from our teacher is that the Hermanas are doing really great.. They did it so we can help them. It just sounds like regular boys and girls to me! Ooo quick story real  quick, I'm sure this won't be the first language "mess up" that Ive had and definitely not the last but we had been teaching our "investigator," Mario, and at the end of the lesson he was getting ready to go to work and as we were walking out the door I meant to say, "great! have fun at work!" and I ended up saying," Great, forget work!" The look on his face was probably the best part. More of a look like, did she really just tell me to forget about work? but better than last week when I told our "investigator" that we physically lifted up our family and friends to come on a mission instead of leaving our family and friends to come on a mission. Sometimes I just don't think before I speak.. can't wait until I actually do this on the field.. my poor companion is going to get a load of wrong words. Live and learn right? I know theres so much that has happened but the moment I take a break and sit down to type, my brain does too! This week we had a little miracle happen between two elders that I would tell you more about but it's not my story to tell and there are very few of us that know about it but there was no explanation to what happened.. Other than the work of Gods hands in our lives. It just goes to show that He does need us out here and there is a work to be done. We all all so bless for being here and learning every day the consequences of being obedient!

Oh PS.. those pictures are an Alta group picture, what happens when you leave Hermana Steel and I alone with a camera with a timer on it. And me sending 10 notes/letters last sunday! Yippee!  (oops... she forgot to attach the pictures to her email... maybe next week:)

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