Saturday, April 27, 2013

la ultimo semana

Well needless to say I had yet another language mx up this week. We all have many but I seem to be the only one that has any to this degree of awkwardness.. We had been learning about the law of chastity and learning how to teach it to different people and situations one day and so in comes our "investigator" Juan Paul. He had been living with his senora and we were preparing him for his baptism in a month or so. Lets be honest.. the law of chastity isn't the most normal or casual of all lessons to teach and is usually followed by a few uncomfortable questions for the investigators and then the added bonus of usually answering a couple of their questions. So Juan Paul and my companion and me were just cruising through this lesson. We reach the point in the lesson when you need to invite the investigator to either live seperately from his senora or get married. They had a child together so naturally I wasn't going to invite them to split up so I turned to him and I said, " Juan Paul, will you marry me before your baptism?" Yes I just asked our investigator to marry me. The best part is the reactions from the investigators when they get this look on their face that is like, Did you really just ask me that? Thats when you know you've said something wrong.. But all ended well. He said that he and his senora would get married! Opps! Pray for me in the field that I don't ask anyone else to marry me.. Speaking of the field, I leave in three days! So that's pretty exciting! We had a 9 hour in-field orientation yesterday. Thats full time job hours! But they did a really good job at keeping us entertained! The main thing that I took from that is that a week from this sunday I will be introducing myself into my new ward a week from Sunday.. In spanish! How great is that? We originally had 21 people on our flight to New Jersey but there are so many people that aren't getting their visas that they are all getting reassigned and now im pretty sure I have counted around 30 people that are going to be on our flight! Ay caramba! This was an incredible week. How great is it to be a missionary? Seriously, I feel more and more lucky the more I am out here and cannot wait to jump off the plane into the field and get to work. The language is coming great other than occasionally I get a little over confident and create the most lovely of situations.. but still have learned more spanish here in the five and a half weeks that I have been here than I have all through school. They really know what they are doing here, plus we have awesome teachers! Sometimes they even let us go outside and "street contact." Sounds a bit more extravigent than it really is but we just walk around, two by two, and find other missionaries that have nothing to do (never happens) and teach them. When anyone ever asks what to teach, typical response is "depende, sigue el espiritu" If you didn't catch that is says "we aren't going to ever tell you what to teach because we like to sit back and watch you learn that you need to teach the people by the spirit and not by a lesson. Good luck!" It's true though. When you open your mouth with faith, the Lord will fill it! We all know I don't have a hard time talking to people, but learning to say what the spirit is whispering into your heart. That is like learning a whole new language! I hope all is well in the home front!
Hermana Schwendiman

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