Friday, April 19, 2013

La dia de prep

Hola hola!!
 We were walking back from the temple this morning and one of the Hermanas was talking about how tomorrow we will have been out one month exactly! One month.. thats a little loco! Sorry if my english starts to sounds like that of a four year old but my spanish has been taking over my brain! Its almost as if I have to flip a switch back to enlglish, or else I mix the two together and nothing makes sense! This week our teachers have been pressing us to talk only in spanish. So.. we took that challenge and some days were hard but Wednesday I had been keeping track of my words in english and by the time we got to our class at night I had only spoken 16 words in english. The first couple days were frustrating because I had the same thoughts and feelings and realized that I couldn't express what I was feeling or what I wanted.. by day three.. I started to think differently and we all started to get really creative on how to say what we need to. One thing that our teachers pointed out is that we really only know how to speak the words of the gospel.. unless we take a lot of time and look up all the words we want to say in the dictionary, resulting in the lack on conversations of many things to do with the world! I am pretty sure that I have mastered the game of charades by now! Oh and if you know me well enough, you know that I am an inventor of words! I generally just speak with such confidence that its one of those things where you won't question it because I sound so certain.. no way. I never know if they words im using are real. That has most definitely carried over into my spanish!! I have a new nickname, Schwendi-idioma. Idioma in Spanish is language. They have caught on to my tricks!! My confidence has carried over once again into my lesson with our investigator Joao. (Shwawl) We were teaching and we had committed him to baptism on the lesson before so this lesson he had a couple questions about somethings that his friend had told him about. From what I understood he was talking about actually being baptized, inviting friends, and a few things about singing and dancing and what was going to happen and so I started to answer him saying that he was able to invite whoever he wanted and the posibility of having a program after and that he shouldn't worry about anything because we were going to be there! Well.... one very important word that he mentioned quite a few times that I didn't know was desnudo. Desnudo translated means, nude or naked! A pretty vital word. So what I told him is that we will be singing hymns and that he can invite whoever he wanted and to not worry because we would be there! Basically implying that we WERE all going to be naked and that he would have to be naked to be baptized.. great hil! On a more positive note Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us on tuesday! What a little miracle! If you don't know about the manner of Elder Scott, he teaches and speaks slowly and calmy. All of the missionaries in there were completely silent! The spirit was strong and his focus was on communication with our Father in Heaven. A few of the things he stressed was to be thankful when we don't get a response to our prayers. Beacuse He is showing that He trusts us enough to be able to make the right choice but that he will never let us make the wrong choice without a warning beforehand. Be grateful for the struggle. Your character will grow and your faith will grow. The greater the faith the stronger the character! And the one thing I took the most is that when we are in a challenging situation, to take a step back and look at the lesson that might need to be learned instead of complaining and being frustrated. Well the church is true, the book is blue. Onward and upward.
Hermana Schwendiman

Must be P-day... sending out my mail!
Sister Steel
Cool reflection pic
Elder Heaton's brother served in Sandy and we loved getting to know him!
Now I'm serving with the current Elder Heaton!
Our whole district on our door with Me, Throckmorton, Steel, and Anderson

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