Monday, February 3, 2014

facts and opinions

Well the weekly update. It's all about facts and opinions..

Fact #1 Sister Acosta went home this week
Opinion #1 Sometimes the mission is hard and we have to make decisions. A couple doctors suggested she go home, tuesday she made the decision, wedesday she had her flight information and I think that she is going to be fine. Man, I miss that little Mexican though!

Fact #2 I live 10 minutes from where the superbowl was last night
opinion#2 the broncos should have won.

Fact #3 I am now serving in a trio. I work in the same ward and we just cover the two area's now. 
Opinioin#3 It's really strange to go from training for 6 months to being in a trio. But the good news is that we are really busy and have A LOT of work to do. 

Fact #4 Someone on the street yesterday called us aliens.
Opinion #4 I've hear worse! But it still made me laugh, and its right up there with the feeling of being the last little duckling in the line as we walk down the narrow sidewalks. 

Fact #5 Sister Acosta and I met a man named Victor on monday and now he has a baptismal date
Opinion #5 Mercy is powerful

Fact #6 It hasn't stopped snowing since last night and there is a foot of snow on the ground right now. No sign of stopping! The power just went out in the library! 
Opinion #6 life's good :)

Fact #7 The bishop told me this week that I've been here long enough (7 months) that he was thinking about just calling me as relief society president
Opinion#7 well.. It might be short lived. I wouldn't be surprised to stay one more transfer but I'm preeeety sure I'm out. (President hinted some things, plus we have interviews this week so I'm gunna get it outta him!!)

Fact #8 Jairo relapsed and is not doing well...
Opinion #8 He's going to be okay!! 

Fact #9 They took our car away... We had to drive to Morristown on thursday for Sister Acosta's last interview and President asked us to leave it there.. The Assistants had to drive us home. 
Fact #9 Well it was fun to have a car for a couple days and really was convenient for the time that we had it. Lots of running around to do. It's still weird to ride in a car with elders... 

Fact # 10 It's Feb 3
Opinion #10 Last week, EASILY, felt like a month ago.. Even a couple days ago... woooooweeeee! 

SNOW DAY!  All the latinos are terrified of snow and NO ONE came to our activity but as we waited...
we played in the snow!
We're just awesome... Zone leaders, district leader, #Ucrew
District picture! ... I'm really not that big... they're THAT small.

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