Thursday, February 27, 2014

onward and upward

We were on our way to an appointment and ended up arriving about 15 minutes early.  As we were driving into his neighborhood I started looking at the roofs of the houses and saw one with two satellites. It's not that we can't knock any door but it came to my head that we should look for satellites and so we did! (Two satellites generally indicates Spanish channels) We knocked the door a few times and nobody came down and we started to head back to the car and just go a few minutes early to the appointment... BUT I got the impression that we needed to keep knocking and stop being lazy so we headed towards the house next door. As we were walking down the dark road I suddenly turned and pointed to an empty looking old farm house on a scarce lot.. I said to my companion. "THAT HOUSE!" and the moment I said it, the light on the side of the house turned on! 
We swapped a couple of "Did you see that?" and "Yes!! Did YOU see that?" and then just stared at each other for a moment before we rushed to the front porch. We knocked and a woman came to the front door, we introduced ourselves.. trying to sound as less awkward and casual as we could and ended up just telling her what happened! As we did her eyes got pretty big, and we continued to share who we were and why we were there. Well we have a returning appointment with them tonight. Her, her husband, and their five children! Finding families..

Oh.. and we found another family of 5 the Alex Boye way.. we are meeting with them on Tuesday!! 

So things are going really well here in New Brunswick. It reminds me so much of my first two transfers in Morristown because I am back in a car and the areas look a lot a like! Things are going really well here and this mission is a blast! 

Onward and Upward!

Hermana Schwendiman 

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